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What is SQF?

SQF(Safe Quality Food) is a food safety management certification that is created and managed by the SQF Institute. The certification is used to control food safety risks. It is followed by retailers and foodservice providers around the world to meet food safety management requirements.

After the successful implementation of the food safety management system, it is audited and certified by an accreditation body which also provides the certification.


SQF is a GFSI recognized certification and its regulations provide a complete system to manage food safety risks while providing safe products that can be used by organizations in the food industry.

The system allows the customers of the organization implementing it to have confidence in the food safety as it is rigorously tested by a food safety system.

SQF Requirements

The SQF requires the following to be in place in the organization for the certification:

  • Management commitment.
  • Document control and records.
  • Specification and product development.
  • Attaining food safety.
  • SQF System verification.
  • Product identification, trace, withdrawal and recall.
  • Site security.
  • Identity preserved foods (for Level 3 Certification only).
  • Allergen management.
  • Training.

SQF Training

SQF standard helps an organization to achieve the intended outcomes defined by its accreditation body.

We provide organizations with help in implementing the SQF system while going over the ways to increase the food safety of the organization’s products.

Our trainers train the staff in the ways to properly execute the strategies that are required for the successful accreditation of the SQF food safety certificate.

We at Samarth Consultants provide the organization with the training in:

  • Managing Risk
  • Maintain Current Customers
  • Increase the Market Reach
  • Prepare for New Regulations

SQF Certification

At Samarth Consultants, we provide assistance in certifications which are of global quality standards. We also help clients in clearing the audit and receiving the subsequent SQF certification effectively and efficiently.

We provide specialized training to the management and employees to properly execute the strategies that are needed to get a successful audit confirming the certification.

The SQF certification entails a lot of benefits like:

  • The processes are standardized.
  • Provides continual improvement in process, quality and safety.
  • End-users are completely satisfied.
  • It meets regulatory food safety and traceability requirements.
  • It meets global market requirements.
  • It is recognized by GFSI and buyers worldwide.
  • Improves process management to avoid rework.
  • Reduction in cost by reducing waste.