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RC 14001:2015

What is RC 14001:2015?

RC 14001:2015 is a chemical management system standard that is centered upon chemical industries and their suppliers. RC 14001 was created by the American Chemistry Council and conjointly the Registrar Enfranchisement Board. This combines RCMS necessities with ISO 14001 necessities.

RC 14001:2015 - Overview

The RC 14001:2015 Responsible Care certification contains several key components like the responsible care policy, the planning and goal setting for the organization etc.

RC 14001:2015 Certification Requirements

RC 14001:2015 certification requires multiple steps to be followed to be implemented in the organization. These steps act as the way to get certification for the organization, as these are the primary requirements for the auditing process:

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities in the organization.
  • The monitoring and measurement of chemical usage.
  • Steps to take corrective and preventive actions (root cause analysis).
  • Proper management review.
  • Continuous performance improvement of the organization.

RC 14001:2015 Certification Training

At Samarth Consultants, we provide the proper guidance to the organizations that are seeking to implement the acc responsible care.

We train the staff and management in from a step by step guide, these steps are laid out below:

  • Implementation of environmental policy
  • Consideration of the environmental aspects during production
  • Properly laid out legal and other requirements
  • Specified objectives and targets

RC 14001:2015 Certification

The organization is needed to take multiple actions and plan periodic activities to ensure accreditation. The RC 14001 certification if accredited, provides the organization with the following benefits:

  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Standardized and certified environmental improvement practices.
  • A proactive approach to health and safety, and public communications programs.
  • Reduces public insurance prices.
  • Neutral communication and feedback mechanism.
  • Consideration by stakeholders.
  • Preparation to forestall and mitigate potential accidents and incidents.
  • Increased physical security.
  • Increased data security.
  • Prevention of security accidents.

To get RC 14001:2015 certification consulting services for Responsible Care certification, feel free to request us to call back you. We are offer RC 14001:2015 certification consulting services India and across the world.