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Power Quality Audits


Power Quality Audit(PQA) is performed to check the reliability, efficiency and safety of an organisation’s electrical system.

Instruments designed to detect faults and deteriorations while recording parameters that may be used in locating the cause for electrical disturbance are used in PQA, these instruments are called network analysers.

The collected data is analysed by engineers, who can diagnose the problems and suggest the most appropriate solutions.

Anticipating power quality problems before they occur is the most pro-active approach to ensure that the facility is up and running around the clock. In today’s environment, around the clock operations equate to continuous uptime, therefore power interruptions occurring for even just a few seconds are unacceptable.

Power related infrastructure problems can be avoided with proper planning, our approach to performing Power Quality Audits include thoroughly checking the equipment's overall power safety from safety codes to safety common sense to prevent power interruptions.

One area that can be easy to overlook is the facility, our Power Quality Engineers perform a comprehensive site analysis of the electrical distribution in the facility to accurately identify the cause for system failures.

Once our Power Quality Audit is completed, we prepare a customized power quality report. This report contains reviews of the power system, pinpoints potential or current power problem areas, and provides an action plan detailing recommendations concerning your specific power system.