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5S Consulting Services and its benefits

  • 2021-06-29

5S methodology

5s methodology is an easy to use inexpensive tool. It is globally used at the workplace with the goal of clean, organized, safe and maintained offices or facilities which eventually helps in increasing output. When compared with other tools of similar features, it gives significant results. A process that is strategic and standardized in its origin and mainly focuses on visual management will help you achieve better results ranging from Ventilation to Operational Manual. In the ever-changing dynamic markets only those can survive who adapt to the change by putting the right measures in place. 5S methodology is often described as the very first step in lean manufacturing implementation and continuous improvement. With 5S methodology you have enhanced discipline along with procedural development in place. 

5S stands for:

*Set in order

How does it benefit you?

Employee Commitment:

5S process makes the workplace cleaner, which in turn helps in storing and sorting out equipment. These equipment are better sorted with the 5S methodology in place. Sorted equipment can be stored and organized in a manner that is easily accessible for employee usage. If the tools are placed in an organized manner then it is easy to find them and hence a lot of time can be saved. This also reduces risks at your facility and ensures that your employees are safe. This methodology gives you the freedom from the hassle of training workers to cover for colleagues. Employee commitment is a major goal of 5S implementation as on ground employees are the ones who will be responsible for using it on the ground. 5S methodology encourages employee participation in all round activities at the facility. 

Reduced Wastage:

Cluttered piles of inventory, looks bad and also contributes to wastage. Reduced wastage also means reduced inventory cost and hence more savings. Over the time you see a reduction in lost and damaged items. Quality management reports that poorly organized workplace means more time spent on working in actual. Reduced wastage and cleaner workplace ensures cost savings in the long run. Reduced wastage helps in increasing output and thus fosters growth. If the waste is not managed properly then it can add to your cost without providing any value to the customer. Waste management helps in sustainable and continuous results.

Enhanced Productivity:

Workplace productivity increases by up to 15% provided the right measures are in place in accordance with 5S methodology. Everyday operations and workflows are optimized which helps the workers to perform their duties faster than ever before. If less time is spent on searching for the lost tools then the time thus saved can be utilized in more productive activities. Productivity is the leading factor contributing in return on investment. 5S methodology limits the time spent on unnecessary processes and items that may hinder the workplace efficiency. 

Improved workplace morale:

5S methodology affects the workplace morale in not just one way but many. It is very much known that employees take pride in working at a place that is clean, organized, well-maintained, and safe. When things are sorted and more organized it is easier to conduct the day-to-day business operations. A good working environment always ensures teamwork and shared vision. With all the safety measures being in the right place there are minimal chances of any accidental injuries. A low incidence of injury gives you the additional benefit of increased employee morale.

Make the choice 

Samarth Consultants have been working with several clients and have helped them achieve their sustainable and growth oriented goal with 5S consulting services. Having worked on the ground we know what it takes to have a quality management system and cost efficiency in your organization. Talk to our certified consultants for more information regarding 5S consultancy.