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ISO 20121:2012

What is ISO 20121?

ISO 20121:2012 is sustainable event management. The standard enhances the organization’s ability to improve its sustainability with the help of sustainable supply chain management.


Organizations which are looking to remove/reduce negative social, economic and environmental impacts can apply for ISO 20121 certification. These negative impacts can be reduced through improved planning and processes by implementing an event management system within the organization.

The system would lead to a functioning procedural system that will enable the organization to focus on the bigger picture rather than on the minute details.

ISO 20121 Requirements

The following clauses need to be followed for the successful accreditation of the certification:

  • Clause no. 4 contexts of organization
  • Clause no. 6 planning
  • Clause no. 8 operation
  • Clause no. 10 improvement
  • Clause no 5 leadership
  • Clause no. 7 support
  • Clause no. 9 performance evaluation

ISO 20121 Training

The standard creates sustainable events within the organization. These events are created with the help of the implementation of an event management system.

We provide training to the staff within the organization to properly use the ISO 20121 sustainable events.

The standard helps an organization to achieve the intended outcomes defined by its accreditation body. Our training helps organizations in implementing the sustainable event management system while going over the ways to increase the productivity of the staff and upper management.

Our trainers train the staff in the ways to properly execute the strategies that are required for the successful accreditation of the ISO 20121 certified events.

ISO 20121:2012 Certification

At Samarth Consultants, we assist with certifications which are of global quality standards. We also help clients in clearing the audit and receiving the subsequent ISO 20121:2012 certification efficiently.

We provide specialized training to the management and employees to properly execute the strategies that are needed to get a successful audit confirming the certification.

The benefits of implementing ISO 20121:2012 standard are:

  • Event planning and processes are improved
  • The efficiency of performance is achieved
  • Roles, responsibilities of staff, suppliers are identified
  • Reduces the cost by implementing waste management