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ISO 14046: 2014

What is ISO 14046:2014?

ISO 14046 is a new ISO standard for water foot printing which provides water footprint results credibleness. ISO 14046 set steps and necessities for water footprint assessments of product, processes, and organizations. This includes air and soil emissions that impact water quality within the assessment.

ISO 14046:2014 certification - Overview

The water footprint is outlined because of the quantity of water employed in production. The water footprint assessment provides the potential impact on atmosphere associated with water.

ISO 14046:2014 Environmental management standard deals with the reduction of usage of freshwater production.

ISO 14046 Environmental Management Requirements

ISO 14046 requires an ISO environmental management system to be implemented in the organization. This policy dictates that steps should be followed:

  • Societal thought should be given to the usage of resources.
  • Environmental necessities should be kept in check.
  • Legal necessities need to be taken care of.
  • Cultural thought should be given to the effects of the usage of natural resources.

ISO 14046 Environmental Management Training

We at Samarth Consultants ensure that the organization gets the ISO 14001 new standard certification at their initial attempt. We have created a custom training program for the organizations to follow that can train the staff as well as the upper management in the guidelines that need to be followed to get accredited with the environmental management verification.

The following steps need to be followed throughout the training for the ISO 14046 Certification. These four steps are:

  • Principles
  • Reporting
  • Methodological framework
  • Critical review

ISO 14046:2014 Certification

After the completion of training, we help our clients understand what environmental economics and management are. Our ISO consultancy service includes helping our clients get the certification for ISO 14046:2014 certification standard. We cover everything that is required by the accreditation body during training and ensure that our clients get the certification on their initial attempt.

The certification provides the following benefits:

  • Water is saved to avoid future risks.
  • Environmental impacts associated with water usage are endlessly reduced and controlled.
  • Sharing policies with encompassing industries and government.
  • Meeting client necessities while not harming the atmosphere.

To get ISO 14046:2014 certification consulting services for environmental management, request us to call back you. We are offering our ISO 14046:2014 certification consulting services across the world.