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Electrical and Fire Safety Audit


Electrical hazards still threaten the safety of individuals and property within the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion. With electricity having become an essential part of our life, electrical risks need to be managed effectively.

In process industries, fires because of electrical reasons are probable, particularly in industries that handle inflammable chemicals. In industries like IT and Telecommunications, losses caused by electrical hazards (fire in the server area, damage of high-priced communication equipment, loss of information, fire in cable gallery, etc.) may well be substantial.

At Samarth Consultants we carry out the electrical audits and energy consumption audit keeping up with the compliance set by the IS(Indian Standard) guidelines and the IE(Indian Electricity) rules.

We perform these audits intending to reduce the probability of electrical and fire accidents. With our safety audits, we strive to cover the electrical energy audit which could potentially reduce the energy consumption of electricity.

We also perform the home electricity audit and fire safety audit to make sure the place we are auditing is completely safe and harmless in case of any unforeseen accidents.

Our Objectives for the Safety Audit are:

  • Comply with statutory regulations and standards for controlling the risks.
  • Train the personnel working at the workplace for safety aspects, safe behaviour and effective use of equipment's to avoid any incident/accident.
  • Maintaining facilities which control safety risks while also designing, installing and implementing them.
  • Undertake reviews, analyze, evaluate and install optimum value available safety/ operational equipment for achieving the accident-free operations economically.

Benefits of Safety Audits:

  • IER Compliance
  • Lightning Protection
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Shocks & Fires
  • Protection Devices
  • Earthing Systems
  • Tests (IR, E, O/L)
  • Equipment Layout
  • Cable Size Adequacy
  • Fire Protection