We are a team of professionals having rich industrial experience.

We provide consultancy and training in the field of  Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Food, IT, Medical devices and Energy  Management Systems. Operational improvement practices such as 5 S and Kaizen, Quality improvement tool – 7 QC tools, SPC, MSA and other best practices for the overall improvement and growth of manufacturing and service sectors.



We have started consulting business since January 2004. We have provided consultancy and training to more than 300 clients of varied fields of manufacturing and service businesses. Our consultants are specialized in their respective fields and committed for the betterment of our clients. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide tailor-made solutions to develop their management system. We offer services to all range of companies be it a small scale, medium or large-sized company.



Consultancy for Management Systems:

Our Consultants are System as well as industry experts.

On finalization of Projects, we visit you to assess gaps w.r.t. the selected Management System, prepare a plan to fill gaps, develop documentation, train employees and help them to implement requirements of Management System.

Our Consultants deeply involved in analyzing, development, implementation, and monitoring of various management systems of our clients, ready to answer all queries from clients or their employees any time.

Online support is available for all our clients. Management system certification is not restricted to certification only. Clients are getting benefits in terms of Improvement in process efficiency, reduced in-house and customer complaints, enhanced employee motivation and skill level, improved customer satisfaction etc. in turn enhanced profitability and growth in business.


Roadmap  for Certification of  Management Systems :

  1. Gap Analysis
  2. Awareness Training
  3. Identification of External and Internal issues of the organization
  4. Risk Assessment of processes
  5. Define process efficiency and effectiveness criteria (KPIs)
  6. Quality Policy and Quality Objectives Finalization
  7. Documentation/Process Design
  8. Documentation / Process Implementation
  9. Internal Audit
  10. Management Review Meeting
  11. Stage 1 Audit by Certification Body
  12. Stage 2 Audit by Certification Body
  13. Hand Holding for maintenance of the system.


Consultancy for Improvement of Process and Quality Performance:

We organize projects for process and Quality improvements such as 5S implementation, Kaizen Implementation, Workshops for 7 QC tools, SPC (Statistical Process Control), MSA(Measurement System Analysis), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)  for manufacturing and Service Industries.

Roadmap  for  Process improvement projects :

  1. Formulation of Team
  2. Awareness Training to team members
  3. Formulation of Checklists where required
  4. Define performance indicators
  5. Role play exercises
  6. Gap Analysis
  7. Assign tasks to team members
  8. Review progress of tasks
  9. Online monitoring as per target.
  10. Award of Certification on completion of Project.
  11. Compilation of project and handover to team leader.

Public and In-house Training:

We Provide Public and In-house training for Management Systems, Process and Quality Improvement tools, Soft Skills, Employee motivation, Energy Conservation, Good manufacturing Practices etc.


Energy Conservation Projects :

We provide services related to Energy Conservation for all type of Commercial and Residential buildings, Hotels, Industries etc.

Audit Methodology :

  1. Walk around the premises to assess the status of energy management system of the Organization.
  2. Data collection (Design specifications of the equipment)

Measurement of Current, Voltage, Power factor and other parameters required to calculate the performance of equipment.

  1. Analysis of data to evaluate options for energy saving.
  2. Cost-benefit analysis.
  3. Discussion with management on audit summary.
  4. Report Submission.

In addition, We do Harmonic analysis and Thermography to check and sort out related Problems.