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We are Leonardo da Vinci of this century. We create ideas. We are doers who love to dream, think, listen and write too. We love risk taking and exploring new ways to make life simple. Basically we love to take on challenges. Challenges that are bothering you me and world around. We are a team of networked engineers, economists and environmental experts.

Smart-n-simple tools Solutions offered
Consultants for
Product design
Selling / marketing
Production planning
Material movement
Payment collection
We design and innovate smart-n-simple tools, procedures and systems. We eliminate root causes of challenges. As every challenge you are facing is different solution we offer is different. It saves cost, time, efforts and many important resources, in your business,
We approach to every problem from fresh, free from any pre-conceptions . Problems may it be in product design, production planning, material handling, selling, marketing, material movement, payment collection, logistics and administration.

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Office Address : Flat No. 13, Mayur Society,  Ram Maruti Road, Thane - 400602 Maharashtra, (India) Phone : +(91)-(22)- (022) 25414484
Cell : +(91)-(22) 9322596283

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